July 4th Ride


This group of freedom loving, flag waving, red blooded Americans will saddle their horses and set out on a ride that will take them down a path that at one time was the battle lines of the North and the South during the Civil War. The leader and founder of the group, Couy Griffin, says that "the symbolism behind this ride should speak deep into the heart of any American with vision and understanding of the great price that was paid for freedom in the past. We are a nation divided," Griffin states, "and this division needs to be addressed and conquered through the founding documents that make every American free. That is the Constitution.” Griffin, who resides in New Mexico and serves his county in the office of county commissioner, is a man of passion and fortitude towards this country and the ideals that make our country great. "We are a nation at war" Griffin states. "We have an enemy from within that wants to destroy our freedoms and oppress us of our way of life.” Griffin who was raised in the logging and sawmilling business says that he grew up "in a sawdust pile" working with his dad and brothers hammering out a living off of the land. "Some 20 years ago our livelihood, the only life we knew, was robbed and stolen from us. It came from the environmental policies of the Mexican spotted owl. We were just poor boys,"

Griffin says, "making our living cutting logs and producing lumber, putting in long days, and making an honest living. Then our timber industry was shut down and our once vibrant towns dried up from lack of work and industry.” Griffin takes a long deep breath, stares down at a scuffed pair of cowboy boots, and grimaces while saying, "now the result is catastrophic forest fires that destroy our once lush green forests. Animals are burnt up and the once healthy landscape is nothing more than char and destruction.’ That is part of why Griffin is here. He is here because he has had enough. Enough of big city, propaganda driven politics that only focus on control and power over families like his. "It doesn't matter if it's logging, ranching, mining or fishing, we are all under attack. It is the socialist agenda that has declared war on rural America because for the left we are the enemy. We are the enemy because we are an independent and prideful people. We just want to be left alone" Griffin says. "We don't want the government taking care of us, we just want to take care of ourselves.” Griffin once again grimaces but this time he doesn't look at his boots. His eyes are stern and his tone is direct and sharp. "We just want to live free!!” As Griffin follows up that statement and says, "live free or die.”

That is the sacrifice this group of men and women are willing to make. They tote themselves as a People who have had enough. And as they discuss their support for sitting President Donald J. Trump, they feel like they finally have a horse in the race. "All of the past Presidents have let us down” says Ramie Harper, a thin, rugged cowboy from the northwestern part of New Mexico. "The last President we had in office who we felt was one of us was George W. Bush -- and we stood behind him. We supported him. Sadly, all we got from him was the same old Washington rigmarole . . . or what I guess is better known today as The Swamp.” But as Mr. Harper begins to speak of President Trump, a new sparkle begins to light in his eye. A bright glimmer of hope. "I feel we finally got us a cowboy in office," Harper says, "and that's the reason I made him a hat.” Ramie Harper, who is an accomplished hat maker by trade, spent countless hours crafting the finest hat that has ever come out of his hat shop. "It took months to find a beaver pelt without blemish.” Harper says. "When I finally found that right pelt to make the President’s hat, I could tell as soon as I ran my fingers across it. As soon as I touched it I knew that it was the pelt that was suited to make the President of the United States a hat with.” Harper went on to fit the hat with a hand-crafted silver USA buckle and just inside the sweatband stamped “Custom made for President Donald J. Trump.”

The third member of this set of trailblazers is a man of great faith and conviction. Joshua Martin resides in Colorado but is quick to say heaven is his home. "I love this world but am disgusted by the unrighteous things of this world.” Martin goes on to say that with the progressive movement going on today America’s Judeo-Christian values and morals are daily under attack. "I have two beautiful daughters, of which God has entrusted me to protect and to raise. I am concerned about the leftist’s agenda which sows seeds of confusion into our children.” Martin goes on, "one of the political agendas of the left is trying to undermine our family values and in turn destroy our family units. God designed life and gave order to his creation, and that order is to flow from God, man, woman to child. Now we have, for examples, a world where a man can call himself a woman or vice versa and society expects us to call them that, or where abortion is taught as the norm as a form of birth control. It is wrong, and we need to stand up, call it what it is, and let the chips fall where they may. I believe in a free country, I believe in our Constitutional rights, but don't be pushing the liberal agenda onto my family and children and expecting me to call it right.”

These three cowboys will lead an army into Washington DC for the July 4th parade. "We are encouraging any and all to join us as we ride down the banks of the Potomac towards Washington DC.” When asked what they plan to do when they get to DC, Ramie Harper quickly responds, "I'm gonna give the President his hat." The trio then explain how on their last trip the President gave them an open invitation to come back. "I spoke to the President on our last trip together to Washington" Griffin explains. "He told me that if we brought him a cowboy hat that 'There is twenty acres in the south lawn and the gate will be open when you get here.' I believe the President to be a man of his word," Griffin states, "so we are gonna be looking for an open gate when we ride up to the White House.”

So that is where this journey begins. 170 miles due west of Washington DC. There is a mission. There is a cause. There is a bold statement by President #45, Donald J. Trump, to make this country greater than it has ever been, and this group of cowboys from the western states are ready to assist and 'get-er-done.'
You can follow the journey on Facebook at “Cowboys for Trump” where they will have daily postings and updates about their ride and about their accomplishments. Until then, may the wind be to your back and your trails lead to greener pastures. As Griffin says "adios and vaya con Dios.”