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    Our Vision:

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    To support our sitting President Donald J. Trump and his Make America Great Again policies.  We believe that by securing our border, protecting our second Amendment, and protecting the lives of the unborn are the most vital and key aspects in Americas Greatness.
    We also want to stand up and support rural America thru greater access to public lands, natural resources, and rural industries.  We advocate against the attacks of environmental and radical endangered species acts.  The backbone of America is found in the logging, ranching, mining, farming and oil and gas industries.  And those are the industries in which we support.

    Rallies and Rides

    Relationship with the President

    Cowboys for Trump has developed a great relationship with a great President.  In 2019, C4T founder Couy Griffin spoke with the President on three different occasions.  The first of which was on February 25th after a 170 mile horseback ride in which Couy led a group of 13 into our nations Capitol.  The President called Couy at the end of the trip where the topic of discussion was forest health in the Lincoln National Forest located in Otero County,New Mexico.  It was a very productive conversation that has led to greater efforts in Forest Management.   
    On September 12th of 2019 Couy Griffin, also a County Commissioner in Otero County, was invited into the White House to sit at the desk with the President and further speak about issues affecting his home state of New Mexico.  Griffin accredits this to being the greatest honor of his life to sit at the desk with the greatest President in American history. 
    On September 16th Griffin was invited as a dignitary to receive President Trump at the airport in Albuquerque New Mexico during his New Mexico rally.  This time Griffin needed no introduction and was invited to ride in the motorcade which took the President to the rally point in Rio Rancho.  

    On The Trump Trail


    We believe that we are a nation at crisis and want to show support for our President who is standing with us preserving our way of life. Our three main concerns are:

    1. Securing our nation's porous southern border 

    2. Protecting the unborn
    3. Preserving our 2nd Amendment right

    Unfortunately our nation's security is being used as a political bargaining chip with the residents of our nation's borderlands paying the price. We believe we are a nation of laws and want to see those laws upheld. As a nation, we must stand behind President Trump and his push for strong border security.

    We organized this ride to support our President and our Nation. This is the nation that we love and the nation that has always been considered a place where freedom and liberty ring. A Nation where justice is upheld and law and order are embraced. A nation where our political leaders are put into office to serve the American people and not their own interests. We want to secure these God-given rights for our future generations. We firmly believe this is a demand of "We The People" and a demand that MUST be carried forth.

    Our ride was not only be a symbol of support but more importantly a symbol of unity. A unity that is not created by political agendas nor created by partisan lines. We want to show a unity that is upheld and supported by who we are as Americans and the ideals and principles that make America the very best! We as Americans, by God's grace, can get our country back and make America Great Again. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if we will pray, repent, and turn from our wicked ways that God will hear our prayers and heal our land; that in a nutshell, is what we must do.

    We must seek God.

    We must turn from our wickedness as a nation.

    We must love our neighbor as our self.

    We MUST do this NOW.


    How you can help

    - Share our story with friends and family!

    - Donations are a huge help to our cause. During our journey we will incur many costs, the biggest of these being travel. If you do not feel comfortable donating online and would like to send a check please comment and let us get ahold of you!

    - Do you know someone in the area of our trail ride? If you do we would love to be able to contact them for logistical support, lodging help, or just to share our message.

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    C4T Logos

    We give any printer permission the download and use of our logos.
    We would appreciate any donations that any printer may want to make to C4T.

    Thank you!
    God bless you and God bless the United States of America!


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